What is a Freelance Personal Assistant?

A Freelance Personal Assistant (PA) is a highly-skilled and independent professional who remotely renders administrative, technical and/or creative business support services to entrepreneurs and business owners to ease their workload. You should focus where it matters most. And your PA should take care of the tasks you shouldn’t, can’t OR don’t want to be doing.

The advent of technology has allowed workers to have more flexibility in their schedules and complete an array of tasks that don’t require them to be physically present in an office. It also allows for businesses to access a huge talent pool that may not be easily available to them otherwise.

This type of service does more than just schedule meetings and send reminders throughout the day. The more advanced PA out there can take a load of busy work off your plate and make it happen.

Benefits of hiring a Freelance PA:

  • You have time to focus on the bigger picture and be more productive
  • No fixed office costs
  • No PAYG, Superannuation or sick pay
  • No lock in contracts
  • You can spend more time on your passion and / or business
  • You can focus on profit rather than admin.
  • No more repetitive or time consuming tasks
  • Your schedule will no longer overwhelm you
  • Your business can grow

But why do YOU need a Freelance PA in the first place?

 Here are the three things you should write down:

  1. Things you dislike doing.
  2. Things you can’t do yourself.
  3. Things you shouldn’t be doing.

The first item is very simple: write down what you dislike doing in your business on a day-to-day basis. This could be anything from bookkeeping to administration.

The second thing is daily elements of the company you don’t have any experience in, which could consist of social media marketing to graphic designing.

Finally, the third placement will fundamentally change your business and is a “game changer.” So ask yourself honestly: what shouldn’t I be doing?  Remember, you’re not a superhero and with our experience, we make things happen! We are hightly skilled and on top of that, we have an array of trustworthy contractors we manage on your behalf to take all the stress away from you, whilst you concentrate on what you do best.

This is essentially the road map to taking on a PA. If you have questions click here for our FAQ’s.

We can discuss your needs and provide you with a detailed proposal and fee schedule tailored to you.
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