Time Block

Hire Standards is my umbilical cord to the creation of stress-free solutions within a critical part of my personal and business affairs. This is an internationally competitive standard from which Hire Standards competitors should take note!

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A VA Time Block is the most cost-effective way to engage your Virtual Assistant.   Simply purchase a Time Block; 10 hours of Virtual Assistant services, in advance to be used whenever you need it.

Your time will remain available to you for 2 months from date of payment.  Time can be used for any taskproject or errands managed by your Virtual Assistant .

Your Virtual Assistant  is based here in Australia, has extensive local knowledge together with access to our global network of connections to resource the best solution to your Request.

Requests may include errand running or an off-site visit, whatever it takes to thoroughly complete your Request.

Fees do not include invoices from third party providers or reasonably incurred expenses paid by the Virtual Assistant  in the completion of your Request (for example parking or tolls)


Your VA Time Block works the same as our VA on Call service.

When engaging your Virtual Assistant  there are some ground rules we need to make sure you are aware of before we get started, so we would like to make sure you understand all of the ‘fine print’.  So here is the not-so-fine print.

You may submit your Request via email or telephone.

Your Request can be detailed and complex in nature, any project or task you need to be completed, the sky (and the law) is the limit.  Your Request may include an errands service or and on-site visit; whatever it takes to complete your Request properly.

Your VA Time Block of 10 hours service provided by your Virtual Assistant  remains valid for 2 months from the date of purchase.  Once you have reached 80% utilisation of your VA Time Block we will let you know so you can purchase another VA Time Block or continue your service via our VA on Call OR Retain your VA whichever you decide is going to work best for you.

Your VA Time Block  services does not include:

  • Invoices from third parties or reasonable expenses required to complete your Request, such as booking fees.
  • You may not resell our services.
  • You may not use Requests to generate an income for yourself or others.
  • Unusual patterns inconsistent with normal Virtual Assistant Requests will be highlighted and service may be suspended or cancelled.
  • Your Virtual Assistant needs some time to live too.  They will be available Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm EST, service outside these hours will be by billed separately with the VA on Call rates.

All prices quoted are in AUD (Australian Dollars) excluding GST.