Retainer / Project

I have relied heavily on Hire Standards since 2005 and continue to do so. They run so many different facets of my life, maintaining great relationships with all my commercial sponsors, management, friends and family. They simply make my life easier and I’m happy to recommend this team in this venture to anyone needing their services.

Shane Warne
Former australian cricketer / businessman / commentator

Retain your very own Virtual Assistant who has extensive local knowledge and a global network at their fingertips to take care of everything from booking a plumber and meeting trades on-site, ordering gifts online to finding the best places to eat anywhere in the world!

If you need someone in your life to help you get stuff done, retaining a Virtual Assistant is your dream-come-true.

Your service will continue for as long as you need us, but then when does a ‘to do list’ ever end?  We know that once you experience how much time a Virtual Assistant can add back to your life, you’ll wonder how you’ll manage without us.


To take advantage of this incredible service, we are absolutely committed to providing you with an amazing Virtual Assistant experience.

When engaging a Virtual Assistant, there are some ground rules we need to make sure you are aware of before we get started.  We would like to make sure you understand all of the ‘fine print’, so here is the not-so-fine print.

Your commitment on a retainer is for the initial 3 months, and then ongoing month by month.

After the initial 3 months, you can walk away at any time with one month’s notice in writing via email – – no fees no penalties.

You will have unlimited* access to your Virtual Assistant for the hours agreed on, and if you have a priority do let us know your deadlines.  

If you would like a larger project completed by your Virtual Assistant, they will help you book a Project. There is nothing your Virtual Assistant can’t organise for you, so long as it is legal!

*Fair Use Policy

  • You can submit unlimited Requests to your Virtual Assistant.
  • If we are unsure your Request can be successfully completed by us we will discuss this with you ahead of commencing the Request.
  • Your Virtual Assistant can be cancelled at the conclusion of your initial 3 month term.
  • Refunds will not be offered for cancellations occurring in the first 3 months, even if you don’t use us. Netflix doesn’t refund if you don’t use it!
  • The service can be suspended for 2 weeks if on holiday but not stopped and started for any other reason. If you find that some weeks you’re busy and others you’re not, then a
    VA On Call is your better option.

Your Virtual Assistant services do not include:

  • Invoices from third parties or reasonable expenses required to complete your Request, such as booking fees.
  • Errand running, such as your VA taking something from Point A to Point B in your city.  A courier will be booked for this type of service and added as a disbursement.
  • Using the services in an ongoing manner that would constitute a full-time assistant (8 hrs each day).  
  • You may not resell Requests.
  • You may not use Requests to generate an income for yourself or others.
  • Unusual patterns inconsistent with normal Virtual Assistant Requests will be highlighted and service may be suspended or cancelled.
  • Your Virtual Assistant needs some time to live too.  
    They will be available Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm EST, service outside these hours will be by billed separately with the VA on Call rates.

All prices quoted are in AUD (Australian Dollars) excluding GST.