One Off Requests

Helen is smart, competent, trustworthy, doesn’t need supervision and follows through on all tasks until completion. Her people and communication skills make her adaptable in any situation and she applies herself to her work wholeheartedly. I use her VA on Call service, as I always need work completed quickly for court appearances and the like. I never know when I may need her, so to know this service is available helps my business immensely. I commend her, without reservation.

Sally McPherson, local court lawyers

Your VA on Call will attend to your Requests on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Your VA on Call has extensive local knowledge and a global network at their fingertips to take care of everything from organising your relocation, planning a major event or simply organising a dinner reservation somewhere else in the world!

If you need someone in your life to help you keep on top of your ‘to do list’ occasionally, a VA on Call is the answer.

The service includes your VA on Call based here in Melbourne, Australia.

This product is for 1 hour of time paid in advance.  Any un-utilised time will be held in credit for future Requests (2 months from date of purchase).

Ground Rules

When engaging your VA on Call there are some ground rules we need to make sure you are aware of before we get started, so we would like to make sure you understand all of the ‘fine print’.  So here is the not-so-fine print.

You may submit your Request via email or telephone.

Your Request can be detailed and complex in nature, any project or task you need to be completed, the sky (and the law) is the limit.  

Your Request may include an errands service or an on-site visit; whatever it takes to complete your Request properly.

You only pay for the amount of time taken by your VA on Call to complete your Request.  Time will be rounded up to the nearest 15 minute (our Virtual Assistant keeps time reports for all Requests undertaken) and charged accordingly at AUD$1.66 per minute (equivalent to AUD$100 excl. GST per hour).

Your VA on Call service does not include:

  • Invoices from third parties or reasonable expenses required to complete your Request, such as booking fees.
  • Using the services in an ongoing manner that would constitute a full-time assistant (8 hrs each day) without prior arrangement.
  • You may not re-sell Requests.
  • You may not use Requests to generate an income for yourself or others.
  • Unusual patterns inconsistent with normal Virtual Assistant  Requests will be highlighted and service may be suspended or cancelled.
  • Your VA on Call needs some time to live too.  They will be available Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm EST, service outside these hours will be by special arrangement.

All prices quoted are in AUD (Australian Dollars) excluding GST.