What can a Freelance Personal Assistant do for me?

Bespoke options are available and below is an example only of some services we can make happen for you. We consult with each client to decipher exactly what is needed and cater to you exclusively.

Advancing technology means that you don’t need to hire an administration professional or personal assistant to sit in your office.

You may require a one-off task and nothing else, which we can offer as service. Looking for a unique special gift and don’t have the time to research? Need a car booked last minute and don’t know who to call? Or simply making concert reservations for you when they go on sale to ensure you get the one’s you want. We have a service to suit.

Need help for a short time with certain tasks which are not so recurring – then we would suggest purchasing a Time Block which enables you to use our services at a set cost for a short amount of time and is more cost effective than

Admin-based services are usually best delivered by Retaining your PA, below is a very simple list of these types of services (think recurring), but definitely not limited to;

  • Taking incoming calls and scheduling bookings;
  • Managing your Schedule;
  • House management;
  • Contractor Management;
  • Travel Management;
  • Personal Tasks;
  • Replying to your client’s enquiries via email;
  • Debt collection and accounts receivable tasks;
  • Data entry;
  • Formatting complex documents;
  • Proof Reading.

The list goes on……

Techie-type and other services package up very well. Here’s a list of different types of services that are commonly offered as Projects or Retainer (depending on whether they are recurring or not) and a breakdown of the individual tasks that are usually involved.

  • Event Management – Invitations, guest list, RSVP management, Catering, Venue and Styling.
  • PR – Distribute media release to selected Radio, TV & Print Media, Pitch pictorial opportunities, Pitch TV appearances, Prepare database of key news & media (National and Melbourne) for Press Release distribution, Liaise with all media outlets for interviews, Management of interviews on ground
  • Social media – account set up, image creation, sourcing content, posting content, scheduling content, monitoring replies etc.
  • Newsletters – set up, sourcing content, design, writing, proofreading, scheduling, monitoring replies. Then ongoing tasks such as cleaning and updating subscriber info etc.
  • Office decluttering and organisation – initial assessment, creating filing systems, establishing systems. Then ongoing maintenance such as coming in weekly to action and file incoming mail etc.
  • Email management – account set up, importing/amalgamating other accounts, setting up filters, creating labels and folders, unsubscribing from newsletters etc.
  • Website: maintenance and/or development – domain, hosting and SSL set up, SEO, copywriting, sourcing/creating images, proofreading and ongoing maintenance such as updating plugins, making changes etc in WordPress.

Note: We do not undertake telemarketing, sales/marketing calls and/or similar tasks/functions to these.