Covid-19 and VA’s

Many of us are feeling the workplace pressures that come along with the
spread of COVID-19, but among the most affected are those in
small and medium-sized businesses. Many SMBs fall into one of
two camps: Either working intensely on how to pivot or change
their business offerings in order to keep afloat or seeing an uptick
in the demand for their products or services and having a hard
time keeping their heads above water. 

Surprisingly, both scenarios can be helped by a similar solution: 


This type of service does more than just schedule meetings and send
reminders throughout the day. The more advanced virtual assistant
out there can take a load of busy work off your plate. Think important
yet repetitive tasks such as producing email marketing campaigns,
creating invoices, inputting data, or researching potential clients.
The difference between a virtual assistant and a standard full-time
one is that virtual services are a fraction of the cost for a full-time assistant.

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